The first of many…hopefully!

So I’ve made the break into the up-until-now undiscovered world of blogging…well, for me it’s been ‘undiscovered’ in any case! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read plenty of them, I just haven’t made the leap into actually writing one. Before I started to write, I asked myself the question, what’s it going to be about? I spent quite a bit of time trying to settle on a theme but I just couldn’t narrow it down to even a vaguely interrelated subject matter. So here it is: Me and my life (with a couple of children and a business thrown into the mix just for fun).

It’s been quite an eventful week here at HQ as my PFB (perfect first born: as opposed to my PSB, perfect second born – well, you can’t discriminate!) turned six years old. Cue the frantic opening of gifts, preceded by the frantic buying of gifts, the cupcake making marathon – see below, the ‘special’ birthday tea and the birthday party…and what a birthday party it turned out to be with the original party cancelled by the venue at short notice due to snow and me having to arrange another party with two hours notice or face the wrath of a tantrum-ridden PFB! So it’s been a very busy, slightly manic week for me and a very enjoyable week for PFB.

The night before PFB’s birthday, I was on the sofa, watching pre-recorded episodes of Eastenders and just enjoying the peace when I thought to myself, “What was I doing on this evening six years ago?” The last child-free evening I would have for the rest of my life should have been a celebration, perhaps incorporating some kind of momentous turn of events. Was it a momentous celebration? No. Did I take stock of how significant an evening it actually was? No. I was actually dyeing my hair in preparation for my c-section the following morning. I was concentrating on one thing and one thing only…getting my hair looking good for the post-birth photos. How things have changed…

Ready for the oven

Ready for the oven

Now those of you who know me know that I like a challenge and don’t do things by halves so I decided to embark upon an endurance event. Now this was no ordinary endurance event. It paled the Iron Man Triathlon into insignificance and put the Three Peaks Challenge in the shade. This was a feat of fortitude, persistence and stamina…now I must admit, there were times when I felt like giving up, abandoned of all hope, but I kept at it, the possibility that PFB could potentially have a total meltdown should I fail, in the forefront of my mind. PFB was depending on me…I had to get through it.

So I soldiered on, fighting my way through clouds of icing sugar, wrestling with the ridiculously tight plastic seals of brand new bottles of food colouring and tirelessly mixing cake dough (Ive asked for a new food mixer for my birthday). Did I win the battle against the slightly too hard butter and the slightly too soft icing? Oh yes! The result, well take a look for yourself. PFB was pleased with the result as were his school friends, big sigh of relief, but I’m still scrubbing the food colouring off my hands!

The finished article

The finished article

The strangest things get me excited and this week, nothing has me more palpitatingly animated than the prospect of the postman arriving…not with my car tax disc reminder in hand, but with the delivery of my new crafty supplies. One thing I’m starting to learn is that when you order things online, you often don’t comprehend (read as: ‘get totally carried away with’) the quantity and volume of the things that you order. The poor postman nearly had a coronary walking up the path laden with my lovely parcels and packets…your efforts are much appreciated Mr Postie. And what do I plan to make with this treasure trove you may ask? Well I’m branching out and delving into the world of polymer clay. That’s as much of an insight as I’m giving you (can’t give too much away for fear of it going horribly wrong!) so watch this space.

Fabric roses

Fabric roses

I will, however, give you a glimpse of something that I have been making that’s turned out particularly well; slightly boastie I know, but I am pleased with these gorgeous fabric roses. You don’t need to be proficient at sewing to make them, as long as you can thread a needle and do a running stitch (that’s the simple in and out way of stitching didn’t you know) then you’ll be fine. What some of you may have a problem with, and I’m only saying this because I had a mahoosive problem with it, is the folding process. Now if you have a mind that works logically, you WILL be ok, but for those of you who do not, like me, it may take you 25 attempts and you still may not be able to fold the fabric correctly without looking at the instructions. How mad did I drive myself with this before it just ‘clicked’ and I could do it whilst watching the TV at the same time? It’s things like this that make me wonder whether I am completely sound of mind!

I just couldn’t write my first blog entry without blowing the trumpet of Jennie Maizels, as this week, she’s got me out of a ‘hole’.  So who is this helpful lady you may wonder: A well meaning friend? A trusty family member? A kind hearted neighbour? Nope, none of the above (although I’m quite sure she’s all three to her own friends and family!) Not only has Jennie designed shop windows for Harvey Nicholls and fantastically illustrated children’s pop up books, she is the designer and creator of ‘Clothes Plasters.’ Her iron-on, embroidered clothes plasters are a simple, effective and absolutely gorgeous way of repairing or even just decorating children’s clothes (although I’m tempted by the ‘birds’ collection myself). So yes, this week Jennie has got me out of a ‘hole,’ and a rather sizeable PFB-knee-shaped hole at that! Take a look at the range on the website that’s it from me for this week. Better get started on my next instalment…I could get used to this blogging malarkey!

Over and out…

10 thoughts on “The first of many…hopefully!

  1. waw!! polymer clay has got me intreiged forgive my spelling!) cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve!!

    pob lwc xxx

    ps roses are beautifull

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