Today is a day that I need to write a list…

It’s one of ‘those’ days today. One of ‘those’ days when just the thought of getting out of bed seems like a chore. One of ‘those’ days when daytime TV seems quite appealing.

No chance of a lie in though as it’s a school day which means one thing, the faffing around to get PFB ready for school and all that brings…and I’m beginning to severely dislike making packed lunches. If PFB wasn’t so fussy with food, he could have school dinner just like the majority of other children, but no, PFB has a penchant for crustless sandwiches, peeled and sliced apple and home-made biscuits. So there we go, packed lunch it is. His fussiness with food has me racking my brains for ingenious ways to feed him fruit and vegetables without him finding out that he’s actually eating something healthy.  Which gives me an idea…today, I shall find another cunning and devious way to penetrate PFB’s ‘fruit and vegetable’ force field. And whilst I’m at it, the kitchen needs a bit more colour and I need to finish my latest ‘creation and I’d like to go for a walk and…hang on, I’d better write a list.


Well, I’ve got to start somewhere and this seemed like a good place to start…onto the next task.


Given my initial lack lustre approach to the day, this coffee is somewhat medicinal…from “bleurgh” to “brilliant” in one easy step.

image (2)image (1)

And ono the next item on my list…


My wonderful idea to go out into the fresh air to clear my head before making a start to the day was somewhat blighted by the raging wind that is plaguing the country today. It turned what could have been a picturesque and pleasant stroll along the coastline into a head-down battle against the gale force conditions which left me with nothing but an earache. I think the grass in the photo is quite telling… Thinking that it would be slightly more sheltered at an alternative location, I headed for the waterpark where I was greeted by these exceptionally elegant if not slightly scary swans (well, have you seen how big they actually are when they get out of the water! And I also have a vivid childhood memory of my brother being attacked by swan as a child. Ok, so “attacked” is slightly dramatic, more along the lines of brother taunts swan, swan retaliates, brother is taken aback, swan seizes opportunity to pounce, brother tries to make a run for it, swan gets hold of brother’s trouser leg, cue lots of “tug of war” type to-ing and fro-ing, brother manages to get free and starts to run, swan in hot pursuit!)

beach swans

got some nice photos though! Onwards and upwards…


Ok, now to tackle adding some colour to the kitchen. Flowers seem an obvious choice, but how about adding a slightly more unusual twist? I can’t actually remember why I purchased this little colander given that it’s too small for the majority of the usual “colander” tasks and quite frankly a useless kitchen implement, but it makes a lovely daffodil planter.


That’s another task ticked off the list then…


And now for the top secret mission that is trying to feed vegetables to PFB. The answer…cheesy fish pie.  Now this would usually be topped with mash, but my version will be topped with potato, sweet potato and carrot mash. How do I explain the distinctly orangey coloured “potato” to PFB you may ask? That’s easily answered and quite frankly, the more elaborate the answer, the more likely PFB will accept it…orange coloured potatoes that only grow deep in the Igazu rainforest in South America, harvested by the native black howler monkeys and transported back to the UK by nuclear powered, torpedo armed submarine and dropped into our back garden by Apache Longbow attack helicopter…totally plausible to a six year old and ultimately effective given the successful result.

image fish2

I have rather a large box of empty jam jars in my dining room, which have for a while, been awaiting my “eureka moment” when I actually figure out what I’m going to do with them and this brings me onto the next task…


There have been many prototypes, but this is the finished article…Jars of Hearts. I’m very pleased with them and I’m also very pleased with the photos that I took (had to brave the wind again to take them though). Perhaps this would be an opportune time to tell you all a little bit about my business. It’s called Calonogi, which is a Welsh word meaning “to hearten” or “to encourage”. I’ll save the story of how it all came about for next time, but it’s basically making things out of fabric (although I have diversified as of late). To sum it up, it’s something that I love to do and my enthusiasm is reflected in the quality of the items that I make. If you have a few minutes to spare, take a look for yourselves or give me a “like” on my Facebook page .

jars1 jars2

And there we have it, my list is complete.


That’s it for this instalment and quite frankly, it’s been quite a busy day so I’ll make my excuses and leave whilst no-one’s looking…

4 thoughts on “Today is a day that I need to write a list…

  1. How about encouraging Number1 son about his food by making it really fun by getting him to cook with you and try ingredients etc as he cooks. Also, I find with all of our that being ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ is what they want and they know that they must eat well to be ‘strong’ and it helps them be ‘clever’! Worth a go? Alf was a fuss pos a while back and I never tried to make him eat his tea, just said no snacks if he didn’t and if he wanted it later I would re-heat – and he was happy with this. What I found was interesting. He wasn’t necessarily hungry when the others were or he was too distracted to eat – but later when properly hungry, he would happily scoff down a great big re-heated healthy meal! Love your blogs btw, brilliant!

    • It’s just so difficult! All that time and effort spent making baby food from organic fruit and veggies has come to nothing! I’m sure it’s just a phase as what he won’t eat one day, he will the next…but he’s ridiculously stubborn (I think he might get that from me!) which makes it difficult at times. For example, he wouldn’t eat a steamed jam sponge pudding that I add last night…now he likes the three key components, sponge, jam and custard but in his words, ‘doesn’t like them together’…take a deep breath!

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