The Domestic Goddess Mission

And so begins another busy week. On top of the usual domestic goddess type duties, completing this week’s Calonogi orders and making sure that PFB (Perfect First Born) and PSB (Perfect Second Born) don’t start the next world war, I have a birthday party to organise.

PSB hits the grand old age of 2 next Sunday which means that this week, I shall be consumed by party planning. I could get all philosophical at this point, spouting about how it seems like yesterday that he was born, but I won’t…all I shall say is “time flies when you’re having fun!” And it is a lot of fun, as will be PSB’s birthday party. But, parties for small children are hard work, especially when they’re in the house. This means that today, I have started the mission that I am fondly calling “Operation Blitz”.

Operation Blitz constitutes everything that needs to be done to get the house, the children and myself ready for next Sunday. It started today with window cleaning…this isn’t exactly a chore that gets done on a weekly basis, but I swear the house looks bigger when the windows are clean (I am aware that that does sound slightly mad!) The dining room has also been tackled and my boxes of stock have found a new, albeit temporary, home…in the garage. I next took on the kitchen drawer. I swear this drawer has the ability to multiply the items within it ten- fold whilst I sleep. The last straw was when I tried putting a few pens and pencils this morning and couldn’t physically close it. And speaking of straws, they have also now found a new home and are a particularly pretty feature perched on the windowsill.

image (90)

The doors and skirting boards were next, bleaching away to my heart’s content. I now realise that wearing black jeans whilst doing this was not the best idea…has tie-dye come back into fashion yet?

Now some of you may know that I had to cross the threshold of the local hospital last week to have an operation. I HATE hospitals. I HATE Doctors (the vocation, not the people, I’m sure they’re all very nice). I have a heightened case of white coat syndrome and it is seriously debilitating. I may enlighten you with one of my hospital experiences at a later date…I’ll need to psyche myself up for a few weeks beforehand just to be able to write about it. Anyway, as I am still somewhat painful following this operation, I have been advised to take it easy. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but me and taking it easy don’t really see eye to eye. I’m finding it hard not to carry on as normal…I’m sure I’ll suffer for it tomorrow.

As a reward for my thorough, if not slightly OCD-ish, cleaning, I spent half an hour or so internetting, searching for party decoration ideas. Cue some YouTube tutorial viewing and hey presto, some pretty impressive tissue paper pom poms. I’m not showing you yet, even though I’m dying to! You’ll have to wait until next Monday’s blog for the whole PSB party experience…bet you can’t wait!

Now, during this frantic cleaning, PSB has been the golden child, happily playing with his cars and garage, but by this point, even Lightning McQueen had been cast aside. So out to the garden we go for a bit of fresh air and watering…lots of watering.

image (95) image (94) image (93)PSB has a bit of a penchant for his watering can and he thinks nothing of watering every inanimate object he can find. By the time he’d finished, the garden looked as though it had been subjected to a monsoon…still, it gave me the opportunity to sit down and have a cup of tea.

image (92)

Before I knew it, it was time to collect PFB from school. In a vain attempt to keep them both amused, we embarked on a bit of cupcake making. PFB takes his cupcake making very seriously. He likes to assume full control, mixing the ingredients himself, spooning the mixture into cases, icing and decorating. PSB on the other hand, just wanted to lick the icing off every one of his cupcakes. He still stuck his Postman Pat wafers on top of his saliva covered offerings though…best to be avoided methinks.

image (88)

Perhaps I’ll have one of PFB’s cupcakes after dinner, which tonight, has been cooked for me…now, I can’t complain about that!

image (89)

I thought I’d show you a few of my Calonogi offerings from the last few days. This “Fabric in a Frame” is quite different from my usual style , but I’m very pleased with the final result. The name “Zaha” means “blossoming flower” so it’s quite apt. And the little house sign is something totally new…in fact, this is the first that I’ve done, however, I now have quite a few more to do! For those of you not “in the know”, the Welsh phrase “Ty Bach” literally translates to “little house” but is commonly used to describe the toilet/bathroom/WC, delete as appropriate.

image (97) image (96)

I also have a new project to finish this week. Well actually, I need to start it as well. If it works, it’ll be amazing, if it doesn’t, needless to say, you’ll hear no more about it! Intrigued? Here’s a clue…

image (91)

I can’t finish writing this post without mentioning the by now infamous Six Nations rugby game that took place on the weekend. It was an epic win for Wales. Some say it was down to the experience of the players, others say that their previous five consecutive home losses was a huge motivational force, I say it was down to PFB’s rousing rendition of the national anthem!

image (98)

So onto tomorrow and day 2 as a domestic goddess…yeah right!

Have a good week all.

Over and out…

Sink or Swim?

So I’ve made it past the first post…here’s the second instalment for your reading pleasure.

Now, for the last eighteen months, PFB (Perfect First Born) has been partaking in swimming lessons. He seems to have progressed remarkably quickly given his mother’s aquatic ineptitude. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t drown, but we’re definitely not talking Olympic medals. There are many qualities and skills that PFB possesses that I take direct credit for: his unyielding negotiating skills, his unwavering ability to get out of doing anything he doesn’t want to do and his expensive tastes are obviously directly derived from the maternal side of the gene pool, but as I watched PFB swimming in lanes to get his 200 metre badge, my first thought was “He definitely doesn’t get that from me!”

So obviously, when it comes to PSB (Perfect Second Born), I want to make sure that he also gets the same opportunity to develop his swimming ability. Cue lots of googling to find the warmest swimming pool in a 50 mile radius of the house (yes, I really would be willing to drive that far to find a pool at a comparable temperature to my bath water).  We’ve now been twice, today being the second time and I’m pleased to report that it was altogether a far more pleasant experience than the toddler-fighting, forced nursery-rhyme-singing, sweat inducing visit that was last week. It was difficult. PSB just didn’t get why he had to wear a special swimming nappy emblazoned with Winnie the Pooh rather than his usual Sesame Street characters: he must really dislike Winnie the Pooh. He also took an instant dislike to the floral swim shorts, spending the majority of our time in the water trying to remove them. I then walked the perimeter of the pool at least ten times singing his favourite nursery rhymes to try and calm him down, singing louder and louder to drown out his vocal protestations before I finally gave in (not least to avoid the disapproving glances from the other parents, but then that could have been a reaction to my repeated singing of “Mi welais Jac y Do”). But on a more positive note, not once did PSB try to remove his swim nappy today (I chose a Finding Nemo design, so that could’ve been why).

In my first instalment, I excitedly told you about the arrival of my new crafting supplies, photoCAH3H690so I thought it only right that I show you the spoils of my purchases. This was a bit of a leap into the unknown as my crafting has been limited to the realms of fabric up until this point, so polymer clay was slightly scary in an exciting kind of way. I was actually surprised at how relaxing it turned out to be. It was a refreshing change to be working with something so tactile and silent…ah, the silence. No constant whirring and vibration of a sewing machine (which I’m sure was at least partly responsible for the demise of some of my tropical fish, their tank being situated in very close proximity to my workspace, but that’s another story which I may enlighten you with at some point).  So, here are the results, let me know what you think.

MoLavender Shortbreadving swiftly from crafting to cookery…some of you will be well aware that I’ve been putting a considerable amount of effort into perfecting my lavender shortbread. I’ve tried all manner of tweaks to my recipe but I think I’ve got as close to perfection as I’m ever going to get and I’ve also run out of willing taste testers to whom copious batches of shortbread have been dispatched (even the local school staff room has been in receipt of a jar or two!) On making the discovery that infusing caster sugar with the lavender flowers was the way to go, I now have to be extremely careful that PSB doesn’t take it upon himself to open the containers of infused sugar that I have in the cupboards: I just can’t deal with a repeat of the “pickle incident”, “pasta-sauce-disaster” or “long-grain-rice-gate” all of which required clean up on an industrial scale.

Now, some of you will know that I’ve spent the last few months on a mission of epic proportions.  This mission is not some glamorous MI6, James Bond style, international intelligence gathering operation, oh no, it’s quite simple really: I need to find out what is making me ill. “That’s hardly a mission” I hear you say, but believe me, it’s turned into a feat more difficult than a six year old trying to solve a rubiks cube without taking all the stickers off (we all did it…didn’t we?). Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, but having had six months of Consultant appointments, some pretty scary discoveries and to this point, no firm way forward, I have to make light of the situation, otherwise I think I will just spontaneously combust out of frustration. So being somewhat of an expert on hospitals in this area and having seen a myriad of different Consultants, some amiable and patient, others downright rude, a friend suggested that I am now qualified enough to start professionally reviewing the hospitals of South Wales to kill the time that I actually spend sitting in them. I thought I’d begin with a short questionnaire:

Question 1: Do you feel it is appropriate to wear a shirt unbuttoned so low that your chest hair is visible?

Question 2: Do you think that wearing pink sparkly ballerina pumps with a bow on the front makes you look like you’re twelve years old? Do you feel this inspires confidence in your patients?

Question 3: Do you actually feel that your artistic skills are of a standard good enough to clearly illustrate the body parts in question and their current state? If yes, please use this blank sheet of paper to draw an anatomically correct representation of the organ/system in question (if you intend to draw a few blobs connected by some lines, intersected by some squiggles, please skip to the next question)

Don’t get me wrong, some of the doctors that I’ve seen have been quite simply great, but how much fun would this be? I could be commissioned to do a UK wide review of the NHS…I think I’ll go and pitch my proposition to a few Health Boards…

My “purchase of loveliness” this week has been courtesy of Radiance Lighting. I wanted some fairy lights to spruce up the kitchen, but wantedphotoCA1YHOFP something a bit different. During my search, I came up with a lot of the same type of thing and couldn’t find anything that would look “just right”. That was until I came across Their range of lighting suits me down to the ground and I was spoilt for choice in terms of fairy lights, although their complete range is the epitome of gorgeousness. I settled on these paper heart lights…not too “bling” but just enough “ooh”. They look great around the kitchen window and I’m already looking for other potential fairy light areas around the house as I have my eye on the Cabbage Rose lights. And, I LOVE the Peapod and Radish lights…perhaps I’ll get a set of these when I get my first paycheque from that NHS review…