Now a bit about me… I’m a mother of two gorgeous, if not slightly (read “very”) demanding, little boys. Life is hectic, chaotic, exhausting, exciting, rewarding and ultimately a lot of fun. Mornings are a whirlwind, evenings akin to a military operation but now I’ve finally taken that step and can now indulge in fabric, beads and buttons, creating lovely things for other people to enjoy, and still call it “work”!

Now at the concept stage, very rarely do I ever get the time to start and finish an idea in one fell swoop – the utility room is full of PIPs (projects in progress). I often come across fabric that I’ve cut into shape and have forgotten what on earth I was going to make. I often find myself with an idea in my head, whether it be for bunting, a handbag, a doorstop or a patchwork quilt, source everything I need to make it, and then somewhere along the way, I change my mind and make something completely different. Creative minds are rarely tidy (and neither is my fabric box). That said, I’ve never made anything that I dislike. Some finished products may not have gone exactly to plan and may not look exactly like the image I had in my head, but for me, the actual process of making it is almost more rewarding than the finished article.

So I thought I’d take up this blogging malarkey, not only to show you the lovely things that I make to sell to lovely people, but to give you an insight into the trials and tribulations that life with children and a business can bring…it is comical at times, honestly! If you would like to see what I do professionally, take a look at my website http://www.calonogi.co.uk, otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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  1. How old are your boys now? I have a daughter who is 12, and two sons, 9 and 16 months. 🙂 Boys sure are fun (and a handful!!) I look forward to reading your blog and seeing what you create! xx

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